[win32] TrackChecker 1.0.9 b393
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Автор:  MetalFan [ Вс дек 15, 2013 6:47 pm ]
Заголовок сообщения:  [win32] TrackChecker 1.0.9 b393

Change list:
+ Added BitCoin ID for donations
+ Services descriptions and Site parser improvements: Added pre/post replacement rules (for full support of dl_sw and some other services)
+ Tracks text filtering: Regular Expression and Inverted condition rules, new on/of switch and options buttons, filters condition history
+ CAPTCHA input window: Click to change scale of captcha, hotkey F5 reloads CAPTCHA
+ Collapse/Expand selected tree element by Enter key
+ No info state if service returned empty response
* When move elements up/down hidden by filter elements are ignored now
* Some other parser engine improvements
* QR-generator: click on QR-image changes scale
* Some changes in services auto-detection and complex tracking numbers parsing
- Fixed "Duplicates are not allowed" when restoring from backup
- Fixed services.dat loose when switching in portable mode via app options

Please feel free to discuss about new version of TrackChecker here.

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